Lot 3: User research participants

Agreement name: Digital Outcomes 6

Agreement ID: RM1043.8

Lot 3 expiry date: 27 June 2025


Find users with the required attributes and characteristics to test a digital product or service.

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To use this service you will need to sign in to, or create an account for, the Public Procurement Gateway.

The Public Procurement Gateway helps you to access the different procurement services available to the public sector.

Before you start

Refer to the requirements template

The requirements template shows the information you’ll be asked to provide when you specify work for digital outcomes.

Get budget approval

You must get budget approval before you start the buying process.

If you’re buying for central government, you have to go through the digital and IT spend control process before you publish your requirements.

If you’re buying for a public sector organisation outside of central government, you must get any internal approval you need.

To buy from this lot you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. See available suppliers

    You can view a list of suppliers who are currently live on the agreement for the lot you have selected.

  2. Do pre-market engagement

    You can talk to suppliers before you start, to help you refine your requirements. This is sometimes called early market engagement or pre-market engagement (PTME). Most buyers who need a digital outcome do this.

    Contact cloud_digital@crowncommercial.gov.uk to request the current list of supplier contact details.

  3. Write and publish your requirements

    Write and publish your requirements for suppliers, who can then decide whether or not to apply and to provide relevant evidence.

    You will need a clear set of criteria that suppliers will need to meet and be evaluated against. You will also need to include how you will score their responses.

  4. Do evaluation

    You must evaluate suppliers, using the methods and criteria you published with your requirements, to find the one that best meets your needs.

    The agreement uses a two-stage further competition process.

    1. Stage 1: shortlisting. You will need to assess and score suppliers against their responses to your essential and nice-to-have questions to create a shortlist. You must give feedback to all suppliers who were not shortlisted.
    2. Stage 2: further assessment. You will invite all shortlisted suppliers to further assessment. You will assess and score each supplier’s full proposal to identify your preferred supplier.
  5. Award your contract

    When you have completed your evaluation and found a suitable supplier, you can award your contract.

    Suppliers need to know if and why they weren’t successful so they can plan for other work and improve any future applications they make.

    You must:

    • tell unsuccessful suppliers that you won’t be awarding them a contract
    • give feedback explaining why a supplier was unsuccessful, including the advantages of the successful bid compared to the unsuccessful bid
    • give positive feedback where appropriate
    • give the scores of the winning supplier
    • not share details of other unsuccessful suppliers’ scores
    • give only the final agreed scores, not individual evaluator scores

    You do not have to award a contract if you cannot find a suitable supplier.

    You should tell all remaining suppliers that:

    • you have not found one that meets your needs
    • you are not going to award a contract

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