Lot 2: User research studios

Agreement name: Digital Outcomes 6

Agreement ID: RM1043.8

Lot 2 expiry date: 27 June 2025


Hire studio space in which to conduct user research activity.

Take a look and download the lot supplier list (105 suppliers) (opens in a new window)

Before you start

Please note that this journey is not available on CAS.

Refer to the requirements template

The requirements template shows the information you’ll be asked to provide when you specify work for user research studios.

Get budget approval

You must get budget approval before you start the buying process.

If you’re buying for central government, you have to go through the digital and IT spend control process before you publish your requirements.

If you’re buying for a public sector organisation outside of central government, you must get any internal approval you need.

Write your requirements

Your requirements should include:

  • when you expect the research to start and end
  • how often you want to do research
  • when the sessions will take place, for example weekdays, evenings or weekends
  • the importance you place on each criteria, for example 30% on price and 70% on location and facilities

You should also think about including:

  • expected contract length
  • budget range
  • which of your criteria are must-have and which are nice-to-have
  • how long suppliers will have to respond to your requirements
  • how and when you’ll run an optional question and answer session (so you can talk to suppliers and quickly answer any questions they have about the requirements)

Set evaluation criteria

Tell suppliers:

  • how you’re going to evaluate them
  • the weightings you’ll use for evaluation

You must evaluate on price and technical competence, for example, whether they have the facilities you need.

To buy from this lot you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Create a shortlist

    To create a shortlist, download the list of user research studios (link will be available when you are logged-in) and filter it based on location and your requirements. If no other studios meet your needs, you can have a shortlist of one. Get help filtering the list at cloud_digital@crowncommercial.gov.uk

  2. Contact your shortlist

    Contact cloud_digital@crowncommercial.gov.uk to request a list of shortlisted supplier contact details. Send your requirements and evaluation criteria to shortlisted suppliers. Answer supplier questions. Suppliers will tell you if they can meet your requirements.

  3. Answer supplier questions

    You must:

    • share all questions and answers with all shortlisted suppliers
    • remove any reference to the supplier’s name or any confidential information about the supplier
    • give an individual response to each question, even when questions are similar
    • answer all questions at least one working day before the closing date for applications to give suppliers time to decide if the work is right for them
    • get commercial or legal advice if you do not think you’ll be able to answer, or have not answered, all the questions at least one working day before the closing date for applications
    • keep a record of all questions and answers for your audit trail, for example save emails

    Suppliers will tell you if they can meet your requirements.

  4. Do evaluation

    You must not review any responses before the closing date.

    Evaluate supplier responses on:

    • how they meet your essential and nice-to-have requirements
    • how they meet your social value criteria (if applicable)
    • location, facilities and accessibility
    • price

    You can exclude suppliers that:

    • do not have a studio available when you need it
    • do not meet all your essential requirements
    • cost more than your budget
  5. Award your contract

    When you have completed your evaluation and found a suitable supplier, you can award your contract.

    Suppliers need to know if and why they weren’t successful so they can plan for other work and improve any future applications they make.

    You must:

    • tell unsuccessful suppliers that you won’t be awarding them a contract
    • give feedback explaining why a supplier was unsuccessful, including the advantages of the successful bid compared to the unsuccessful bid
    • give positive feedback where appropriate
    • give the scores of the winning supplier
    • not share details of other unsuccessful suppliers’ scores
    • give only the final agreed scores, not individual evaluator scores

    You do not have to award a contract if you cannot find a suitable supplier.

    You should tell all remaining suppliers that:

    • you have not found one that meets your needs
    • you are not going to award a contract
  6. Publish your contract

    There is a legal requirement to publish certain contracts. You may need to publish the contract on:

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